Raw Goat Milk

Nutritious, Healthy, & Delicious

Goat milk is a healthy choice for your family’s dairy needs....

  • 1. It is easier to digest than cows milk. Better absorption of the nutrients and minerals from the digestive tract - up to 3 times faster than cow's milk.

  • 2. There are fewer allergens in goat milk. There is less inflammation.

  • 3. Goat milk is high in calcium and fatty acids...

  • 4. It's good for your skin - it helps with eczema and other skin conditions caused by inflammation.

  • 5. And it tastes great - most people can’t distinguish our goat milk from cows milk and are surprised at just how delicious it is ....

The Dairy Goats

We raise La Mancha and Alpine dairy goats. Both breeds are excellent milk producers.